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Periodontal Care

Waukesha Smiles Dentistry Dental Hygiene essentials

Dental Hygiene Essentials.

Because the best dentistry will fail without a good foundation, periodontal care is necessary to provide the patient with the ability to smile and talk. Our hygienist has over 30 years of full-time experience and splits time between our office and at a specialty periodontal practice.

Dr. Martin's first training was as a dental hygienist, which makes her uniquely aware of the periodontal issues that can occur, from either restorations, aging and general care. Restorations need to be smooth and fit to avoid compromising periodontal care. This makes it easy for you, the patient to maintain good oral periodontal health with optimum results.

In our office we coach our patients in oral hygiene instructions specific for their mouth.

We love the truth so we make our patients comfortable. No yelling. No judgment. A team effort to inform, educate and assist our patients to become experts caretakers of their own mouth.

We apply a comprehensive approach to all of our dental patients in all aspects of our care. Not only for periodontal but in all other areas of dental care and hygiene as well. We keep meticulous records so that we can always go back in time to see what was done when and to determine if there are patterns in changes.

How to Avoid Teeth Problems and How we Assist

  • Regular checkups
  • Necessary x-rays
  • Effective home care
  • Supportive fluoride regimes to prevent decay and desensitize roots of teeth
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Preventive periodontal therapy
    • Gum disease / treatment
      • We accomplish the first phase of treatment before sending patients to gum specialists
      • Most do not have to go to the second phase, which is surgery
      • Supportive gum therapy after all phases of periodontal treatment

Dr. Martin works closely with gum specialists and, unlike many other dentists who will send a patient to the gum specialist/surgeon as soon as a problem is detected, she will perform the first phase of treatment in the comfort of the Waukesha office and is often able to prevent a trip to the gum specialist altogether!

Why Periodontal Care?

Our mouths are a wonderful pre-diagnostic window to much of the bodies total health. Often we see signs of systemic disease, such as diabetes and leukemia, before a physician does.

We will then, with the patients permission, submit written documentation to the patients' physician to help them determine the nature of the underlying disease. Early treatment makes many disease much easier to treat for best overall health.

Excellent Service, Friendly Staff, Easy to Schedule.

Waukesha Smiles Dentistry is my dentist office of choice. My experiences with them have always been pleasant starting the moment I walk into the door. They are prompt with their scheduling and make sure that you don't have to spend 30 minutes waiting. I have a full time job, so the fact that they are able to adhere precisely to their time table is very important to me. The staff there are both friendly and knowledgeable. Anytime they identify a problem, they spell out your options in a clear, precise way that allows you to make fully informed decisions. If you are looking for a good dentist with flexible hours, go to Waukesha Smiles Dentistry!