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Teeth Whitening - Waukesha Smiles Dentistry

Why Whiten?

Teeth Whitening Waukesha Smiles Dentistry

Great results of teeth whitening

How we look, either at ourselves in the mirror, or others looking at our face is really important. The psychology of appearance is hugely important to our overall well-being and has noting to do with vanity. Do you like the color of your teeth? Do they look a little dark. If you are uncomfortable showing your smile, you are a good candidate to consider teeth whitening.

The face is where people live.

We show how Over-the-Counter (OTC ) treatments work and can provide our patients with examples, to help you make the best decisions. We will show you how the OTC treatments work and will provide you with an honest assessment of proceeding with our dental tray option or the less expensive OTC method. There are many cases where the OTC treatment works great, especially armed with the knowledge provided by our dental team.

Teeth Stained by Antibiotics?

Tetracycline stained teeth can be whitened in our office using custom trays. This staining happens as a side effect of the use of the antibiotic tetracycline while teeth are forming, so children receiving tetracycline between the age of 0 and 10 years of age are at risk. These patients will need to whiten their teeth periodically throughout their life time.

Our Philosophy

All options are always on the table and we simply assist you in making an informed decision, unique to your situation. Especially with teeth whitening, there are no right or wrong answers and never a judgment. We then help our patients execute the plan and honor their decision.

Peace of Mind, Great Dentistry, and Great People

I've been with Waukesha Smiles Dentistry for many many years and they have never done me wrong. They have always been very good when it comes to money and time. They work with my schedule and always put me first. It's definitely the place I'd recommend. All the people are wonderful. Great personalities. Like I said I've been there many years and was originally on the other side of office with the pediatric dentist, then I moved over to the other side with his wife. I don't know what I'll do when she retires! I wouldn't go anywhere else. They are very friendly. I would say just give them a chance. It may sound a little expensive at first but it's well worth it. It's money well spent for peace of mind, great dentistry, and great people.